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Thank you all !  

I would like to thank those who have signed-up agolco using my referral code. I have reached my first key milestone i.e. reaching top 1%. And here I am.

If you have not yet signed-up, pls sign-up now and start building your wealth online. If you sign-up using my code, do let me know via e-mail @ paid4surfing at and I shall send you important marketing material that you may use to help others make money too.

Building wealth online.

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Google Profit Up 69%, why and so what?  

Google’s earnings increased to $1billions, up 69% vs last year or $592 millions. That’s stellar performance and clearly demonstrate its ability to get ahead in the search engine business by any measures. Google is ruling the search world by leaving its competitors far behind. As of this quarter its market share increased to over 50% of the worldwide share. I might also share some more analysis on google financials by next week. The interesting thing however is, what is driving the growth? That’s tiny toolbar that sits on our computer screen, leaving nehind its parent i.e. the browser without the toolbar.

“A percentage of that search growth is coming from toolbars, Google executives said Thursday. A toolbar is an add-on to Web browsers that provides a shortcut to Google’s search engine. Toolbar users search much more than those not using the browser addition, Google executives said”. Isn’t that amazing how technology and new ways of reaching your target audience is transforming the world. Have you thought about the power equation that this toolbar is capable of delivering:
  • Revenue = Search Engine + Product and Service distribution + Software upgrades + Movie distribution + Music Download + Any other thing that can be distributed via this toolbar. Hold on, there is more to it? “Targeted”!
And that’s where there big money is. There is only one, in my opinion, competitor that might give tough time to google in the area and that is AGLOCO. They have already signed-up hundreds of thousands of members and are far ahead in the game as every days is roughly a record day for the sign-ups. There is some independent financial analysis as well to define how big this opportunity is. Check out Simmons Report here.

Thanks to all your support, I can also count myself into one of the top members as I have reached top 1% mark. If you have not signed-up and would like to stay ahead of the curve, join now.

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Agloco- Making money was never so much fun  

Do you know?

  1. Google last year earned more than US$3 billions from Internet business alone.
  2. America On Line (AOL) earns US$0.10 for every search you run on Internet via Google.
  3. Online retailer Amazon pays 4-6% commissions on every purchase made via their website.
  4. All advantage paid more than US$120 millions just to surf Internet using their toolbar.
  5. As per current estimates, worldwide advertising industry is over US$385 billions and Internet advertising at mere 10% market share is estimated over $38.5 billions. And it is growing double digit year after year.
So every time you visit a website, someone makes money directly or indirectly.

If you know all the above and you are not making money from Internet, you are missing a big opportunity. If you don't know anything, you are still living in 20th century and missing a huge fortune.

Welcome to AGLOCO
  • AGLOCO is the fastest growing global economic network community. People are joining this community all over the world and making thousands of members.
  • AGLOCO offers a free toolbar that displays advertisements, in addition to a search engines as well. If you run this toolbar on your computer screen, they will give you a share of their profit. They also pay you if you refer to other people to use this toolbar.
  • It costs nothing.

The revolution is just starting. Top Internet thought leaders are rapidly signing-up with AGLOCO. Visit topgun member's site to find out how people from all over the world have made thousands of members.

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